Wednesday, February 4, 2009


by Gale Sears

I write things on little pieces of paper. Even though I have a nifty day planner I’m constantly finding little scraps of paper on which I’ve written anonymous telephone numbers (no names, just numbers), grocery lists, appointment times, and 1 800 numbers for must have things like wrinkle blasting eye cream.

My favorite scraps of paper are those on which I’ve written sage messages and quotes. Once I found a tiny bit of paper that simply said, THINK. I had a great time trying to unravel that cryptic message. THINK? Did it mean something specific or a general reminder? Think about your life. Think about the future. Think before doing anything dumb.

Once in a great while I’m gifted with a small note of wisdom. Yesterday I found such a scrap of paper while decluttering my overloaded in-box. The quote was from Richard L. Evans and read, “If we don’t change our direction we will arrive at where we’re going.” I love that!

Of course we can interpret the meaning either as a warning or an encouragement. If we’re on a road that leads to an unhappy ending, the message might be yelling at us, “Caution! Bridge out! Detour ahead! Change course!” If on the other hand we’re moving toward good things, the message might be like a signpost to an exciting destination. DISNEYLAND—three miles ahead!

It was good to read that quote and ponder its meaning. I decided it was important enough to transfer to a 3X5 card, and stick up on the refrigerator; that way I could look at it daily, along with pictures of my nieces and nephews, the bold lettered reminder to EXERCISE, some wedding announcements, and a love note from my hubby.

I smile as I look at these refrigerator embellishments for they seem to be telling me that I’m headed in a good direction.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Gale, I love that! I do the same thing, and sometimes find some real treasures.

Great post!

Cheri J. Crane said...

I do this, too. Those little scraps of paper end up in my scripture bag, my YW bag, my purse, and in my computer room. Some even manage to make it onto my fridge. ;)They're all usually good for a boost whenever I stumble across them again.

Lynn Gardner said...

Loved your blog! I spent most of today cleaning and organizing my office/study/project/everything room and taking care of those little bits of paper. I've had a pile for months which I periodically adjusted and straightened but never took care of. Today I did. I found some gems, some puzzles and some things I've needed!

Now my desk looks amazingly - alarmingly empty!! But it feels SO good. I do so relate to your comments! :) Lynn

Valerie said...

I heard a comedian interviewed the other day (named by some magazine as one of the funniest people in America) say he did this too. Write little things on scraps of paper that he would come across later, like notes from some at-times unfunny muse. Sounds like this is a character trait for very creative people :-)