Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Our bishop spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday - twice. Our stake president gave instructions to the bishops that they were to periodically address their wards as they felt the need, and our bishop felt the need. He's involved in the financial world and for his company, he watches the stock market carefully to insure that their stocks are doing well and getting the best return for their money. He is also on the board of FEMA and flies to Washington D.C. at least quarterly to "sit in council."

On his last trip on the long flight there and back, he thought about our scary financial situation in the United States and how it is affecting us as individuals and families. He, like us and countless others, have watched their funds decrease by thousands of dollars. So many people are feeling lost and afraid. As he read his scriptures on the flight, he felt inspired to offer four "mutual funds" to invest in for peace of mind. So he was the first speaker, we had a congregational hymn, and then he was the concluding speaker. This was his advice.

Learn the doctrine
Obey the commandments
Serve others and serve in the Church
Temple attendance

By doing these four things, (which our Prophets, Seers and Revelators continually urge) we will be able to stand without fear and without feeling lost, alone, totally overwhelmed and helpless.

I admit, I am concerned about what kind of world my grandchildren will have to live in. Our government seems to be rushing headlong into a socialist state which terrifies me. But I have no control over that. Writing to my congressmen is laughable. My two senators are the most liberal in Congress - Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer - two who do the most damage to our Christian conservative constitutional way of government. And Nancy Pelosi is also from California. What can I say. We are in deep trouble.

But our Church leaders are right. If we do the things we've been commanded to do like putting our own houses in order and having enough to feed our families for a few months and ways to keep them warm and comfortable, and staying out of debt, and if we're staying close to the Lord and receiving personal revelation as to what WE should be doing personally, we really don't need to fear. The Lord is in charge after all. (I keep reminding myself of that vital fact!)

Then two weeks ago, one of the grown sons of our good friends (who happens to be our stake president and his wife) was killed instantly in an automobile accident. The other driver crossed the yellow line and plowed headlong into him. Chad left a wife and two small children. President Porter spoke Saturday at our Relief Society Birthday dinner and program.

He said there are three things that will get you through any crisis or tragedy life can throw at you: Faith in the Lord and the knowledge that our Heavenly Father knows you personally and loves you unconditionally; Family, and Friends.

He agonized (as we all do in times like this) as to why, when they were giving their all in service to the Lord and being totally obedient, something like this would happen to them. His wife is a temple ordinance worker and works in the Family History Center and teaches Gospel Doctrine. Why? And he received the calm, peaceful assurance that the Lord knew all of this, and that Heavenly Father loved them and appreciated their service. But He was in charge. It was for a greater purpose.

He came back to California on Friday as he had ward conference to conduct on Sunday and a missionary to set apart but Kris stayed with her sweet, grieving daughter-in-law. President Porter said he got up Saturday morning and wandered the house in his pajamas, unshaven, not knowing what he was doing, but going from room to room in a dejected daze. His daughter worried about him being alone, so she called us and asked if we could please go to Johnny Carino's and get his favorite pasta dish and take it to him, since they would not deliver. Please take him some comfort food to let him know his daughter was thinking of him, she asked.

I was away speaking at a library event and Glenn answered the phone. He immediately called and ordered the lunch and took it to President Porter. When he opened the door, they fell into each others arms and wept, then sat down together and had a "cry fest," as he described it. We also lost a son, so my husband, who tries to appear tough and crusty but has a very tender heart, knew in part how he felt.

Family - his daughter, concerned about her dad, and a friend who could weep with him and offer comfort.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us so much peace, hope, love and comfort in desperate times. How do others who don't have these blessings cope with life? I'm eternally grateful for my sure knowledge of the truthfulness of these things and the blessings they bring each day.

"...if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son (and daughter) that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."

He is in charge and knows what we need to polish and bring perfection to our "rough stone."


Jennie said...

Lynn, thank you for stating the simple basic truths so beautifully. This recipe for riding out the present storm looks so simple, I'm afraid many of us are like the ancient Israelites who thought looking toward a designated symbol too easy to be true, so they ignored it and died.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Wonderful advice, Lynn. Thank you for sharing. =)

Gale Sears said...

Such tender and true words.
Thank you for the gentle reminder.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

So profound and inspiring!