Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let Me Onto That Boat!

by Gale Sears

Yep, I admit it. I was one of those kooks who attended a Tea Party on tax day. Yep. Me and about three hundred other kooks stood out in a snowstorm at the Federal Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, and caused a ruckus. Whoa boy! Look out! We carried posters that said hateful things like, “KEEP THE CHANGE” and “COMMON SENSE NOT NONSENSE!” We got silly and teary eyed when a young man sang our National Anthem, and when a returning Iraqi soldier spoke about the precious gift of freedom, we were unabashedly emotional. Now the way the main stream media was talking you’d think if there’d been some tea around, we mad right-wing protesters would have chucked it in the harbor.

We cheered for speakers who spoke about the courage and insight of our founding fathers, and the idea that we, as lucky citizens of this country, should have ideals, a work ethic, and faith in God. This band of weirdoes even had the audacity to believe that “we the people” should take care of our own problems and not rely on Big Government for unnecessary entitlements.

And at the end of the rally when we sang together, “I’m Proud to be an American”, we felt like patriots. We felt like we had a voice. Freedom of speech, now that’s quite a radical concept, isn’t it? Yep, kooks with radical ideas—just like old Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry. Actually, I’d hang out with them any day.

I believe there’s another Tea Party on July 4th. Want to join me?


Jennie said...

Good for you, Gale. I, too, am tired of the negative publicity a good old rally in support of America is being portrayed as the gathering of nuts while those who demonstrate for the right to kill babies, euthenize the elderly, and call sodomy marriage are hailed as progressive thinkers only seeking equal rights. By the way, I also think spending our way out of debt flies in the face of both common sense and economic reality.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Way to be, Gale. =)You're doing good things.