Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Twitter" Me Dumb!

Recently I have received several invitations from friends inviting me to join them on Face book and Linked In.

I hear kids at my son’s school walking down the hall speaking of “tweeting” someone back on Twitter. (Back in my day, the only thing I knew of "Tweetie" anything was the yellow bird that always saw a "puddy tat") Let me insert here (to emphasize my point) that I never dreamed of the time when I would say, “Back in my day…”

Every package you purchase with a cell whether it’s a Blackberry, Droid, or I-phone (like I even know what some of these are…) includes texting, internet access, and email.

If you aren’t on board in the technological world, you could feel very lost. I unfortunately am one of the lost souls. I am way behind in the times.

On the other hand, as an author, look at what technology can do for us. Research is a matter of clicking and typing a few buttons on the computer as opposed to pouring through volumes of books in a library to verify facts.

Reaching people across the world is as simple as sitting down at a computer and using messenger and if you have the right equipment, you can even see the person with whom you are communicating half a world away all at the cost of a minimal monthly internet access charge.

You can travel the world over and do virtual tours without ever leaving your living room. (It’s true that you still miss so much when you don’t experience the real thing, but when time, money, health, or other reasons factor against you going, what an excellent second choice!)

Your characters can walk the walk, and talk the talk of just about any plot or profession you can imagine if you do your homework thoroughly enough --all made simpler by technology without you as a writer ever having had any like experiences.

Modern day technology is certainly advanced enough that if used unwisely it can lead to trouble, but as a writer, it can make our lives so much easier. The world is at our fingertips.

My problem is keeping up with the fast pace in which technology is expanding. I still struggle with typing on a normal keyboard, let alone a tiny pocket sized cell phone. I’m terrified of Face book because I don’t understand it, and Twitter makes me feel like I am Twitter Dee-Dumb. I confess, I don’t even know for sure what Twitter is, let alone how to use it.

I do know that with the wide use of technology, we have a greater chance of getting our names and our books out to a much wider group of people. We can have a personal contact with each and every one of those people if we so wish. To me, that’s exciting. At one time it was inconceivable. Look how far we have come even in our own lifetime.
If you look back on your own life span, I am sure you would be amazed at the advancements technology has made since you were a child.

In a very real sense, technology has made the world a much smaller place. We can all connect with each other…if you know how. :)


Technology said...

Technology has bought everyone closer together but at a cost. Nothing is private anymore.

Cheri J. Crane said...

I've loved being able to send e-mails to keep in touch with family and friends. I'm much better at that than snail mail. ;)And it made it so much easier to keep in touch with my sons when they served missions.

I've also enjoyed being able to do a lot of research online for my books.

Great post, Jeri.