Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let it Snow!

Last night about six inches of snow fell, and so this morning the schools are closed and the children are outside throwing snowballs at the neighbours' kids and building armies of snowmen. Forecasters are saying that the snow will last for about another week.

I had quite a busy week ahead before this. Tuesday night was Young Women in Excellence at our Stake Centre half-an-hour away on the outskirts of London. On Wednesday night the local Faith Forum – a group of the leaders of all the churches and religious and community groups in the area – was to be meeting in our chapel for the first time and I was doing the refreshments. Thursday was my eldest daughter’s riding lesson, and on Friday I was supposed to be attending my regular blood donation session.

But we Brits are rubbish at snow and seem to get taken by surprise by it every year. There is never enough grit for the roads, and I had never heard of snow chains for cars until I read about them in Twilight. I’ve no idea whether it is possible to buy them here, but we don’t have any so the car isn’t going anywhere and thus neither am I.

I already know that Young Women in Excellence and the Faith Forum are both postponed. We can’t get to the riding school five miles away and whilst I could walk to my blood donation venue (only 1 mile) I think the National Blood Service staff will tell me I shouldn’t walk back after donating, so it’s probably rather pointless.

So all plans for the week are cancelled, which is rather nice in a funny sort of way. Suddenly I have lots of wonderful free time and I’m quite giddy with the choice of things I might do with it, stuck in the warm safety of my home. Writing comes out top. I’m only 20,000 words from completing my epic fantasy novel, there’s another fan fiction competition to enter, and I need to tie together a few loose floating scenes from my attempt at chick-lit. I absolutely love writing and there’s really nothing I would rather do than snuggle under a duvet with my laptop.

Unless it’s snuggling down with a laptop and a cake. I had already bought the refreshments for the postponed meeting, you see, and they won’t keep…


Cheri J. Crane said...

I love snow days, too, Anna. A blizzard descended our way last week, and mutual was canceled Tuesday night. This was good since I couldn't even see across my lawn, compliments of the blowing snow. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it down to the church. =)What a relief it was when the bishopric member called to let me know YM/YW had been canceled for the night.

It was fun to curl up on the couch and savor a mug of hot cocoa with my hubby as we watched a relaxing movie.

Enjoy those refreshments for the postponed meetings. ;)

Jennie said...

Your kids wouldn't know what to do with all the snow we have in our yard. Snow is piled four feet high along the walkways of the local schools, but no snow days here.