Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where to find Religion

I read an interesting article in the newspaper the other day from the brilliant, (and I mean genius) columnist, Marilyn Savant. She was asked the following question by one of her readers.

"I'm an adult who likes the religion of my parents--it suits my spiritual needs. Friends have invited me to explore other religions, but I've refused. What do you think of an adult who unquestioningly accepts the teachings of his parents' religion and doesn't consider alternatives?"

Her answer.

"Let me tell you what I think of you instead: You're smarter than those friends. Religions cannot be proved intellectually. They come from the heart--and your parents--not the mind. In my opinion, you have behaved wisely."

I tend to agree. Although I do see a benefit in knowing about other faiths and appreciating their contributions, conversion to a particular faith comes from a witness to the heart.

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Anna Buttimore said...

Quite right. I didn't stick with my parents' religion, but I still recognise that there are many good things about it, and I still miss some aspects.

Everyone should find the religion they feel to be right, but some (like my kids, I hope!) are lucky enough to be born into it.