Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People are so nice

I had an awesome signing at the Ogden Seagull Book store last Saturday. It was Celebrating Sisterhood day, which meant good crowds and fun prizes. I sat next to Kevin Wasden, illustrator of the new series, Hazzardous Universe, written by Julie Wright. We had a nice time chatting and met some really nice people.

Which brings me to my point: people really are, for the most part, nice. When folks approach me at a signing with a slightly tattered copy of one of my books, it makes me feel so good. I tell them so, when they express that they've enjoyed reading my stuff, and I wish I could think of something wonderful and unique to say to really let them know how touched I am. "Thank you!" just doesn't seem adequate. Because I really am thankful.

When you write, you throw your whole self out there into the world and say, "Please, love me." I don't think there's ever been a person in the world who produced something that took time and effort, secretly hoping people would hate it. And while it's true that not everyone will love the same things, it means so much to hear from people who have looked at what you've done and expressed appreciation for it.

So if you're ever wondering whether or not you should approach a writer, or an artist, or anyone, for that matter, who's produced something you've enjoyed, trust me. Tell them. You may get a response that sounds canned, or rehearsed, but I can guarantee that with maybe very few exceptions, it's genuine. Trying to make a living by selling a product to others doesn't work well if those on the receiving end don't like it. So when people tell me they like what I've written, it's a very big deal. It means the world.

So, in a nutshell, THANK YOU. Truly.


Jennie said...

One word: Amen!

Stephanie Black said...

Well said, Nancy! Finding out someone enjoyed your book means the world to a writer.

Cheri J. Crane said...

Awesome blog post, Nancy! =) And it reminds me that I have a tattered book you need to sign sometime. ;)