Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wake Up and Create!

My mom always told me that things are best accomplished early in the morning, warning that after 2 o'clock in the afternoon, it's a struggle to get things done. And, I have to concede that mom was true to her word--a dynamo of early morning activity. There is only one flaw in her theory. Some of us are not sunshine early risers. It's not that I sleep in until 10 or anything, but getting up with the sun is not my idea of enjoyable. Let me sleep until 8, meditate until 9, exercise until 10 and I'm good-to-go!

As a writer, I do find that mornings are the best time for creative activity. If I can get three or four hours of earnest writing in before lunchtime, I'm a happy person. I feel good about the laundry, shopping, and house cleaning that follows along in the afternoon.

But, what does one do on the days when the dreaded writer's block occur es and writing seems like a chore akin to ironing white cotton shirts? Walks? Chocolate? Lunch with friends?

I suggest morning pages. According to Julia Cameron, in her book "The Artist's Way", morning pages are a great way to get unstuck. I love morning pages! I've been doing morning pages for ten years now and they have helped me past many a beastly mental roadblock. Morning pages are three pages of stream of conscience writing that gets the garbage out of your mind and starts the creative juices flowing. I highly recommend this to writers or artist of any ilk. I also recommend Julia's book.

Have a good morning, afternoon, and evening!

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