Thursday, December 29, 2011

3-2-1 2012

Three days until the beginning of 2012, and I am filled with expectation and a slight case of trepidation. After experiencing some sad and troublesome things in 2010 and 2011, I worry about the possible shadows lurking in 2012. I must keep reminding myself to live one day at a time. I want to take each day and live it through; I will laugh with gusto, gain strength from adversity, and learn from life's lessons.
It's also important to re see the world around me. I've always been a big lover of nature, and I vow to spend more time in 2012 hiking into the nearby majestic mountains and filling my soul with serenity.
I will break away from my busy schedule and spend time with friends and family (especially my daughter). My friends have always been able to lift my spirits and my daughter can make me laugh so hard that my sides ache.
I will learn to do something new. Perhaps I'll finally learn Tai Chi, which would be good for my physical and emotional health.
I will eat more apples.
I will eat less sugar.
I will celebrate getting older.
I will look forward with faith.
I do believe in the "eternities" where there will be no time, no minutes or months, and no countdown to a new year.
Until then, I will count my blessings and celebrate another year of possibilities.

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Jennie said...

Your resolutions sound pretty good to me, but I'm not making any this year.