Sunday, September 23, 2012

What do you do..............

.........when you can't see? I've been trying to think of things I can do with very blurry vision and have discovered the list is limited. I planned to listen to some old tapes I had - but I couldn't see well enough to get them in the machine! On Thursday I had a lens replacement - would you believe the new lens he put in my eye is guaranteed for 500 years. I think it may outlast me a bit. Friday I expected to be able to sort of resume my routine after the surgeon checked my eye and removed the patch I'd worn all day Thursday. But the vision in my right eye was very blurry - which left me sort of nauseous and not wanting to do too much more than lay around. Saturday surely I could get back to my normal life. Or at least find something to do that didn't require a lot of energy or movement, (can't bend, can't lift, can't have any kind of pressure on the eye.) How do you live normally without doing those things?? I have to bend over to sort the laundry. Did manage to get that accomplished by squatting which my knees DO NOT like. I'm not planning a knee replacement like Jennie, but am babying them so they last a little longer! Couldn't read papers that were stacking up. Managed to get through the mail but the fuzzy vision brings a bit of a headache so I quit reading. Thought I should do my blog but couldn't type well enough - too many errors! Watching TV didn't work - left eye has to work too hard and right eye is too fuzzy. I can talk on the phone, walk around the house - don't dare try anything outside - my depth perception is non-existent at this point. I can SO empathize with those who have vision problems. My legally blind friend Margaret is so upbeat and happy and she can't even see people's faces. She recognizes them by their voice. She has a walker and gets around that way - if she bumps into something, she just steps back a bit and starts again. I put her food in front of her, her fork in her hand, and tell her where her glass is. Then watch very carefully that she doesn't knock it over as she reaches for it. I applaud those who make the best of their circumstances without complaining and with a smile on their face. They are my super heroes, as is my wonderful hubby who has been pampering me this week and waiting on me hand and foot. It's revealing to walk in another's shoes for awhile, but I can't wait to get to normal!

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