Saturday, October 13, 2012

Malala Yousufzai

There is a name that will forever denote courage for me. The name is that of a fourteen year old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousufzai. For years this young girl has been speaking out against the cruel dictates of the Taliban in her country--a group of insane radicals who will go to any length to impose their evil demagoguery on the population.

One of the things these radicals detest is girls getting an education. Years ago they closed down the school that Malala attended, and she spoke out. This brave young woman not only spoke out in her own community, but in the larger arena of the country of Pakistan. Many began to take notice. Of course, the Taliban also took notice and began issuing death threats against Malala and her family. Malala continued to speak out.

Several days ago, a group of masked and armed Taliban boarded Malala's school bus, and shot the young woman, once in the neck and once in the head.

Through nothing short of a miracle, Malala is still alive, though in critical condition.

Her courage makes me weep. I pray for her. I pray for the world to wake up and realize that there is evil in the world.

Dear Lord, give me the courage to follow Malala's example. Give me the courage to find my voice and speak up.

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Anna Buttimore said...

I agree, I was so touched by this story. She is an amazingly brave girl and such a great example. I check for news of her progress every day, and it's good to hear that her voice has really been heard and others in Pakistan are also standing up against the Taliban now.