Saturday, September 21, 2013

Believe in Yourself

I've always loved Edgar A. Guest. When I was in elementary school I memorized some of his poems, and amazingly, sixty years later I can still remember some of them. The cadence was beautiful and memorable, as in the following: Believe in yourself. Believe you were made To do any task without calling for aid. Believe, without growing too scornfully proud That you, as the greatest and least are endowed. A mind to do thinking, two hands and two eyes Are all the equipment God gives to the wise. Believe in yourself. You're divinely designed And perfectly made for the work of mankind. This truth you must cling to through danger and pain; The heights man has reached you can also attain. Believe in yourself and step out unafraid; By misgivings and doubts be not easily swayed. You've the right to succeed; the precision of skill Which betokens the great you can earn if you will; The wisdom of ages is yours if you'll read, But you've got to believe in yourself to succeed. Edgar A. Guest We are now working with young single adults and so many of them need these very special thoughts. A grandson leaves in 10 days for his mission. He needs to believe this. Another grandson is walking too close to a dangerous line and he desperately needs to understand and believe this. The world is a scary place today. If we could help everyone understand and believe the truths that flow through this short work, I think it might not be quite so scary.

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Cheri J. Crane said...

What an inspirational poem. =) I'm so glad you shared.