Friday, March 7, 2014

I Love Spring!!

I love the warmer temperatures that open the tiny buds on my peach trees. I love the sunshine that warms me after winter's cold winds. I love the little green daffodil sprouts that poke up through the cold dirt and then shoot up when the sun hits them to deliver that bright, cheery blossom that waves on its tall slender stem.

I love the little tiny purple crocus that inadvertently got planted behind the daffodils that aren't as spectacular but are every bit as beautiful!

I love the smell of the mock orange and Carolina jasmine that wafts through the air on that spring breeze. I love the snapdragons that make a colorful comeback after hiding their beauty the last few months. And the little purple pansies that somehow weathered the winter! Hardy little things!

I love the bright blue sky that changes from moment to moment. First big fluffy white cotton ball clouds, then the next time I look they are long, wispy mare's tails, or cylindrical space ships, or elephants, dolphins, or even the Easter bunny.

I love the desert after the spring rains when suddenly there is a carpet of yellow, blue, purple and white tiny little flowers everywhere! And the sunrises that start the day with fireworks!

I'm eternally grateful for this beautiful world that was created just for us to enjoy and take care of. My hubby just finished planting three more herbs in my garden - the tomatoes and peppers are nearly 2 feet tall and the artichoke has rejuvenated itself and will soon produce those incredibly funny spiky veggies they do so well.

Life is good! Spring has arrived in all its splendor!!

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