Thursday, April 3, 2014


                                      Some of the ladies of Once Upon a Mattress with Mr. Nak!

In this picture you will see me standing in a pink feathered frock (I was the bird who was to sing the princess to sleep) between two wonderful people. My friend Andree, and one of my favorite teachers of all time, Mr. Nakamoto. He was my high school drama teacher and he inspired a lot of young people. He actually set the course of my life. With the confidence he gave me, I would go on to get a Bachelors and a Masters degree in theater. I would spend many years acting, writing plays, and directing productions. I also followed in his footsteps and taught drama for several years.

Mr. Nakamoto passed away in October 2013--age 81. On March 29, in Honolulu a few of his students got together for a memorial celebration...actually a few hundred! We met in the auditorium at McKinley High School (where many of us performed) and had a huge celebration. It was most fitting.

Such good memories. Thank you Mr. Nakamoto.

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