Friday, July 11, 2014

The Law of the Harvest

My peach tree has out-done itself this year! Though I thinned it as much as I could stand to do it, the branches are draping all over themselves, heavy laden with delicious-looking fruit. We've watered the tree and fed it and made sure it had plenty of sun. Now to wait for those luscious peaches to ripen! But the birds are anxious too, and they are pecking away at them even though they are still hard as rocks. Will I manage to get the harvest I've anticipated or will the birds get the best of them before they are ready to pick?

If we harvest what we sow, it would stand to reason that living the commandments will bring us happiness; likewise, not keeping those commandments will deprive us of the peace and happiness we want to experience.

I have a friend who is terribly depressed - again. She has not been living the laws she believes in; she has not been keeping the commandments. I don't know why she can't figure out that wickedness never was happiness --- she has learned and lived with that truth all her life.We cannot expect to reap a harvest of beautiful peace-filled days with a clear conscience if we have not been living up to the covenants we've made.

The world has gone mad because we are being taught it's okay to do your own thing---whatever feels good. It's okay. But it's not okay and it won't be fine. We have to pay the price for our transgressions, whether they be of co-mission or omission.  She is learning that truth - all over again.

And I need to go tend to my peaches lest by omission of my duty to keep the birds away, I will not reap the harvest I'm so looking forward to!

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Jennie said...

One side of my peach tree has thinned it self, but the other side is too thick. It about kills me to thin peaches. I want them all!