Monday, September 8, 2014

Totally random off-the-wall thoughts!

 - I love opening the windows and screened doors in the predawn coolness and letting that lovely cool air seep into the house before I have to shut out the hot sun a few hours later. I'm sitting at my computer checking my e-mail first thing this morning and there is a strange noise outside - coming from all the windows! I raced to the patio door where the noise seems the most concentrated - it is raining! The rain splattering on our solar cover on the pool is making a terrific noise! Sad to say, we get so little rain I didn't recognize that unusual sound. Now the air smells wonderful! Is there anything better than rain in the desert!

 - I received a summons for jury service. I registered on line, then took the juror's orientation on line, so when I checked after 5:00 p.m. to see what my schedule would be for this week, I don't have to go in today. I'll check again tonight to see about tomorrow. This entails getting substitutes at the Family History Center and finding someone to take my blind friend to her doctor's appointment if I need to report in tomorrow. But the process today is so much easier than it used to be when you had to sit at the telephone for an hour trying to get through to the proper person who could tell you if you reported in or not. Or just going to the court house and sitting in the jury room until you were called or dismissed. Love today's technology!

The last time I was called to jury duty, the case was about a security guard catching a shoplifter in the act of stealing electronics. They asked if I could take the word of the defendant over the word of the security guard. I said no. I had many friends who were police who had been trained to observe and I believed their powers of observation were better than most. If the security guard saw this man steal and conceal, I would believe him over someone who was a habitual criminal. (He had just been released from jail a few weeks previous for stealing.) I was, of course, promptly dismissed. Understandable! :)  The time before that, when they learned that I had been a legal secretary, I was immediately dismissed. 

My husband just finished his tour of jury duty. He got seated on the jury, but when the defense attorney questioned him about his background and discovered he was a former career military officer and aerospace engineer, he thanked him very much for coming in and dismissed him. Apparently they don't want conservatives on their jury.

 - I'm worried about our lack of border security. Thousands are pouring across our borders, overwhelming our schools and medical systems - not just here in California. They are being shipped all across the nation! But the gang members - and who knows who else coming - are a real threat. I'm angry at the administration for inviting/condoning/not stopping this! What will it take to make them see these "potential voters" are a grave danger to our country! Probably a terrorist bombing in a very public place that kills or injures thousands. What a sorry situation! What a sorry administraton!

The one bright spot in today's world is the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is the only thing that can calm my fears of what is happening in America and the world. Thank heaven for our Savior and the plan of salvation! At least I can have a measure of peace in my little corner of the world when everything else is going crazy, mad, and falling apart!

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