Monday, January 12, 2015

Random thoughts and quotes that grabbed me

While Belle Spafford was General Relief Society president. I drove to Salt Lake City from Texas with an 6 month old baby to General Relief Society Conference (in the day that they held them!) I went to sit at the feet of one of the wisest women I knew. Sister Spafford had enlightening things to say:

"This is a wonderful world for women! The richness, the hope, the promise of life today are exciting beyond belief. Nonetheless, we need stout hearts and strong characters; we need knowledge and training; we need organized effort to meet the future - a future pregnant with unborn events, big with possibilities, stupendous in its demands, and challenging in its problems."

That 6 month old baby is now 40 years old, but everything Sister Spafford said is still true. This is an amazing time to be alive in this wonderful world!!There are so many advantages, so much technology, so much more opportunity now than 40 years ago. But with all of it, Elder Russel M. Nelson advises:

"A wise woman renews herself. In proper season, she develops her talents and continues her education. She musters the discipline to reach her goals. She dispels darkness and opens windows of truth to light her way." In this new year, it is fitting to look at developing new talents and continuing education planning, hoping that doing those things will dispel darkness and bring additional light!

In keeping with the theme of light, Susa Young Gates said: "The greatest need of the human heart is encouragement. Let me whisper this secret in your ear: Every time you try to encourage someone else, your own soul will be flooded with a light and glow of peace and good cheer. Try it next time when the gloom is heavy and the load as barren." Wisdom is good throughout the ages - this quote was given  about 120 years ago!

And one final quote: "The Lord wants us to be filled with hope - not just because it points us to a brighter tomorrow, but because it changes the quality of our lives today. Hopeless may be the saddest word in our language. Despair is the enemy of our souls. It can paralyze us, halt our progress, and cause us to lose our way. But hope awakens us like a light shining in the darkness. We can endure all things when our hope is centered in One who will never fail us - our Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world." Dwan J. Young

Hope, the promise of life more abundant, renewal, encouragement, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. All bring light into our lives, dispelling the hopelessness and helplessness that can overcome us by reading today's headlines. Thank heaven for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank heaven for the wisdom that reminds us of all we have, all we are, and all we can be. Have a wonderful New Year!

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Cheri J. Crane said...

Loved the quotes. So glad you shared. =)