Monday, June 15, 2015

Flying By and Leaving Me Behind!

It's amazing how quickly time flies when you are busy. I have a little note that says "Blog" that I stick in my keyboard to remind me when it is my turn to blog. Apparently it has been there for a month and I have been ignoring it because last Friday it was once again my turn to blog and it didn't happen! My list of excuses is much too long to recount.

Someone totally lied when they said we'd have the "Golden Years" to accomplish the fun things we wanted to do! Life doesn't slow down enough for that to happen! Today is the first day in way over a month that I haven't been scheduled for at least two things, and usually three or four. The only thing that I had to do was pick up my husband when he dropped his car off for service after he played golf. Otherwise, the day is mine to finally catch up. Between grandkids, helping a son do projects (and helping a grandson repaint his bedroom furniture black - his mom didn't like the blue and yellow we painted it last fall. He promised me it would be okay with her. It wasn't! ) and preparing a 40 minute 40 slide power point presentation on what information you can find in obituaries, and practicing music to accompany a young man in sacrament, it has been one giant blur. Among a hundred other things on the list! :)

We did find a house for my daughter and her family. They have been in South Carolina for less than a year and discovered they hate rain. It has rained nearly every day that they have been there. She suffers from the seasonal disorder SAD like her dad - they need sunshine! They have had 9 days in a row without rain - the rest of the time it has rained some every single day! (Why can't we have some of that here in the desert!) And it is hot and humid. So her husband found another job back here at Edward's AFB and they will be moving here the 15th of July. That makes us very happy! South Dakota and South Carolina where they've been for the last four years are a long way away! But the house hunting wasn't exactly easy. She has a grand piano that requires a nice sized room and a long-arm quilting machine that needs a 15'x8' space. We would look at a house - take pix and send them to her and tell her about it with pros and cons. It needed to be in a certain school district, needed to be big enough for all her things, and we wanted them to fairly close to us so they could come often and enjoy our pool on these hot desert days when the temperature hangs about 100 degrees. We found one - just a couple of miles away and half mile from the schools they wanted! Hooray!!

We are, of course, in a drought - the fourth year in California so we are struggling to keep a little bit of our lawn green and not lose it - or our trees. Glenn's gardens are suffering but we are trying to stay within our water ration - we have to cut 37% of water usage. Without his gardens and our pool, that would be hard, but with those, it may be impossible! Life is interesting. When my kids come and stay with us the first few days they will be moving into their house, they do not get to shower here! Teenagers and water rationing do not mix!

Right now, I'm going to go get in our pool with hubby and cool off - it's 95 degrees today - then come back and tackle the list of things I have put off for the last month. Hubby's very wise mother told me once, "Relationships are much more important than accomplishing." So I'm putting aside my list of things to do and working on my marriage relationship - as well as getting the exercise I need. I like this kind of multi-tasking! Happy Summer!

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Cheri J. Crane said...

Life is indeed crazy these days. Sorry you're dealing with a drought on top of everything else.