Thursday, August 27, 2009

Class Reunions!

I read this on the internet the other day. It made me laugh.

You know you’re getting older when the era in which you graduated from High School is now a Halloween costume category.

Yep. Funny. From my era, the little hobgoblin celebrators could choose either groovy hippy garb, or the ever popular disco mania ornamentation. Hippy clothes were especially…well, hip. We knew we were so cool in our bell bottom jeans and leather fringe vests. I actually wore a leather headband a couple of times. (Not good if one is caught outside in a rainstorm). Besides bell bottoms and leather vests, I actually tie dyed several shirts and wore them! I wore India print dresses and necklaces with butterflies and crystals. The crystals were supposed to balance your karma—something like that.

I’m glad I can look back and laugh about those wacky times. I suppose perspective is one of the perks of getting older. I’m heading off for my 40 year class reunion and I need all the perspective I can get. I’m nervous because, when I look in the mirror, I see all the physical changes that have shaped my body, yet, I know, more importantly are the years of vital life lessons that have shaped my personality; like caring for sick family members, trudging around disappointments, and gritting my teeth through times like when my son and his cousins flushed their GI Joes down the toilet. It was some sort of navy seal training mission, and it cost us a whopping $100.00 for the plumber. Good times. Important times.

I keep reminding myself that my classmates have all traveled the same number of years, and that we’ll have shared memories to laugh about.

Hey! Maybe I’ll dig out my leather vest and headband! Hmm. Maybe not.

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