Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a New Day! Ready, Set...Crash!

What good posts everyone has written this past week. They've all felt like they were exactly right for me. After reading Jennie's post, I dove into some cleaning and organizing I desperately needed to do so I can create the psychic space to focus and get some work done. I have several editing projects to do, and this morning I had three projects in particular I planned on tackling. Now, roughly 12 hours later, I have done precisely one of them. So in the midst of running and scrambling to put out fires, I thought of Gale’s post on not running faster than I could edit—or type—or walk—or whatever I was trying to do. I feel better already, Gale!

(Happily, I still have the whole week to get back to organizing and I plan to work towards FINISHING, Jennie! And Lynn, not only did your post motivate me to give some attention to some photos and keepsakes (like cards from friends) that I’d like to keep in a special place, it made me feel a lot better that my task is really, really small compared to yours!)

Anyway, after rereading Gale's post, and Anna's, it occurred to me that I need to follow Anna and go someplace new and have some adventures in my life. And I need to have a few dreams to look forward to (although at the moment, my dream consists of a full-time paycheck again—funny, I’m looking at a job that pays half of what I’ve been paid in the past and I’m thrilled at the thought of all I could do with the money). Life is just full of surprises, isn't it?

And that brings me to Jeri’s post, which reminds me that it’s important to adjust and change my expectations for myself and my accomplishments—and see changes with appreciation for new opportunities.

Cheri always reminds me there’s plenty to laugh about (or get frustrated about, but it’s better to laugh). And to think I once thought it would be cool to grow up in a small town and be a big fish in a little pond. (So, tell me, Cheri, what kind of TP do you favor? I’m not picky but I draw the line at one-ply; every time I visit UVU I swear to myself that I’m going to BMOTP.)

So I didn’t get everything done today, or even 50% of what I’d hoped. But besides feeling some satisfaction from the few things I did do today, I'm feeling grateful for some things that got done today that I didn’t have to do. I didn’t have to replace the alternator in my car (my brother did) or mow my lawn (again, my brother did—love that smell of freshly mown grass, Nancy!) and I didn’t even make my sandwich for lunch (Hogi Yogi did—fresh veggies, Nancy, does it count if I didn’t grow them myself?) nor did I pay for it (my other brother did).

And something fairly small that I did (mail a book for my favorite site is a big thing for someone else. I mailed a coffee table-type book about the old West to a woman who belongs to a group of reenactors in Pennsylvania and this book will help them all keep their costumes authentic. I LOVE sharing books!

Well, I don't know that I can get much else done today. So maybe I'll just go to bed early and get a good start tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day, right? (Oh, Scarlett and Ms. Mitchell, did you ever dream that those words would live on and provide comfort to so many?)


Cheri J. Crane said...

Tomorrow is definitely another day, Val. ;)That's what gives me hope. And as for the TP, I also favor 2-ply. And those big rolls that last longer. I'm not too picky over the brand, as long as it's soft. ;)Fun post. Good job!

Gale Sears said...

Small and simple things can totally make a difference, Val! Loved your insight.