Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The other day I sent an email out to tell all the women who come to my fitness class that we were going to have a fun, special class. It wasn't until after I hit the sent button that I realized, "SNAP! I just sent that to the wrong group!" Instead of my "fitness group" I'd sent it to my "fans and friends" group. Once that sent button was pushed, I couldn't get my message back. I'm sure anyone who received that message thought, "Huh? What is this crazy lady talking about?" So, I sent yet another email to apologize.

I think I need some kind of function on my email that asks me if I'M SURE this email is going to the right people/person and if it says what I want it to say.

Not long ago I did a similar thing with a text to my daughter. I went to Seattle to visit her and we were meeting up to spend the evening together. She had just sent me a sweet text so I sent one back that was supposed to say, "You're so cute. You da bomb." I know, cheesy, stupid, but I was trying to let her know I thought she was awesome. Well, the text came out, "You're so coop, you da brat." She responded, "read the last text you sent me."

We laughed about it but you'd think I'd learn my lesson to check stuff before I send it. Maybe the problem isn't my computer, but my brain. Someday I'm going to embarrass myself by sharing something personal with a total stranger, just because I'm not being more careful.

Am I the only one whose done this? Please say I'm not.

(And by the way, I re-read this post three times to make sure I hadn't said something wrong.)

Habr a grape dat!



Jennie said...

Both the managing editor at Covenant and my editor a few years ago at Meridian had the same first name. Once I sent my Covenant editor a message meant for my other editor. It turned out they were delighted with my mistake because it put them in touch with each other. They had been college roommates and had after a few moves lost track of each other.

Anna Buttimore said...

I love the problems predictive text throws up. My name always comes up as "Bomb" and frequently I choose to leave it like that. My sister once sent a text to her husband explaining that she would be late home from work because she was "going for a meal with James" (her boss). Unfortunately she didn't check that predictive text had picked the right word, and what she actually said was "going for a neck with James."

Less entertaining was when I recently tried to send a loving and appreciative text to my daughter, filed in my phone's address book under "Jones, Gwen" but mistakenly clicked on the entry underneath ("Jones, Ioan") as the person it should go to. Yes, that is her dad, my now very confused ex husband.