Monday, February 14, 2011

For All You Fantasy Writers & Readers

For those of you in the Utah--specifically, Provo, Utah--area, you ought to know about the big sci/fi fantasy symposium that has been going on here for the last 30 years. It's called Life, the Universe & Everything, or LTUE. Something that's been going of for 30 years seems to be doing right, and if you look at the symposium website, you'll see some of the participants and guests. (Go to Special guests this year include James Dashner (who gives LTUE a lot of credit for his success in writing) as well as David Farland and Jessica Day George (who may credit LTUE, but I just haven't seen it in print).

If you'd like to hear a radio interview of the founders and organizers--people who have been involved in the symposium for just about all of those 30 years--you can go to on Wednesday, February 16, when the interview will air and be posted to this website (sorry, but the interview can't be posted until it's aired).

In the meantime, you can enjoy the LTUE website and its links. For those of you outside Utah--and outside the U.S.--you can probably search out podcasts for some of the guests, like Dave Doering ( Or check out Schlock Mercenery, the Hugo-nominated comic space opera by Howard Tayler at

It was a really stimulating and energetic discussion, good for writers of all kinds of fiction, not just science fiction and fantasy. Listen and see if you aren't energized yourself.

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