Thursday, February 10, 2011

Story Menehuni's

I'm on vacation in a warm place. It's a place to relax and get rid of stress, and I'm attempting to do both. The only problem is, as a writer, I tend to get intrigued with possible story lines I meet as I go through my day. I then want to pull out pencil and paper and jot a few notes. After that, I find myself charging up my computer and perusing things on the inter net! You'd think the play of waves on the sand would lull me into a drowsy semi-comatose state...but, no! I'm thinking of pirate stories, or stories dealing with ancient native gods, or stories about the threat of a volcanic eruption caused by some evil thinking megalomaniac who wants to take over the world by threatening to set off nuclear bombs inside volcanic craters!

Stop! I say! Stop!

What I'm finding is that it's easier for the body to mold itself into the sand and rest, than it is for the mind. Don't get me wrong...I'm glad my mind is active and inquisitive about all sorts of things; I just wish there was a "slow down" button that I could push when I wanted to think only of blue ocean, warm sun, and palm trees.

Hmm...somebody should write a romance about a stressed out novelist who goes on vacation to relax and gets caught up in struggle between the native chief and the evil coconut plantation owner...

(, Menehuni's are the little folklore people of the islands. Like leprechauns, they like to play tricks on unsuspecting tourists)

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