Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day With A New Tradition

How grateful I am that I have my father here to celebrate Father's Day with!

This year our whole family did something a little different with Father's Day and boy did we have a blast!

Unfortunately we don't get together nearly as often as we should or would like to.

I have heard the family express their disappointment about this but it seems that the opportunity is never taken to do anything about it. My dad has especially expressed how much it means to him when his family gathers around him, and how sad he is that we just don't do it often enough. I decided maybe we could change that. Everyone agreed.

One day about a month and a half ago I was visiting with my dad when he had told me how overwhelmed he had felt with his yard work this year. He has had some back problems that was affecting his leg and hip and couldn't see how he could possibly get the yard work done this year. (Dad has quite a large yard and I wouldn't be able to keep up with it,even feeling my best, let alone having health issues...)

This was a perfect opportunity for the family to come together. Everyone jumped at the chance.

For Father's Day we all went to Dad's to do his entire yard. We had family memebers come from Idaho, and even some came in motor homes the previous night to get an early start. Others came at various times to offer any time they possibly had to give. But everyone had to travel over an hours drive to get there so this was not going to be a quick trip to grandpa's house.

We planted flowers, which we all pitched in and paid for, we planted vegetables, we replaced railroad ties in borders, pulled weeds, mowed and trimmed the lawn, and filled in and planted a pond area. At the end of the work we had a big family BBQ. The food was incredible-- the company even better! :)

I think the thing that stood out in my mind the most was having the family pulling together in one purpose. Kids, grand kids and great grand kids, one and all, participated. We laughed, we worked, and we thoroughly enjoyed being together. The weather even gave us a hand. It had rained all week long and had finally let up for that one day. The sun was shining so brightly that our white winter skin even got a little color! It was an amazing experience for all who participated. In fact, it was so nice, I'm ready to do it again.

The real reward for me though, was seeing the gratitude in my father's eyes. He walked around, helping every which way he possibly could, but his heart was full of gratitude. He was speechless each time he tried to express how much it all meant to him.

Within a few days, each family received the sweetest heartfelt thank you written by my dad that I will always cherish. You would have thought we gave him the world.

I am so very grateful to my father whom I know would do-- and has done everything for me. He has always been such a tremendous example and influence in my life. I sure love you, dad!

I'm also grateful for my husband who is such a wonderful father to my boys. I have always said he's my own Prince Charming and I think I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I now thrill at the sight of seeing my oldest boy being a father himself to my adorable little grandson. My other son isn't too far behind. As a teenager he is growing up too fast for my comfort zone.

I have much to be thankful for as I have each of these generations of men/Father's in my life. All are heroes in their own way to me. I honor each of them.

I certainly hope that with as much fun as we had celebrating Father's Day as a family that it can become a new tradition for many years to come!


Cheri J. Crane said...

Jeri, what an awesome way to celebrate Father's Day! Not only will this leave you all with wonderful memories, but your father will always cherish how much you all love him!

Jennie said...

Days like that often leave the most choice memories.