Thursday, June 16, 2011

Puppy Power

We have a new member of the family. A precious pup called Coco Beans. It is our daughter's dog and she's darling. She reminds me of a little Ewok from Star Wars. She is full of puppy personality and spunk. She may be small, but she's mighty. She isn't afraid of the vacuum, or bigger dogs, or people. In fact, when it comes to people, she acts like a magnet.

My husband and I tagged along the other day as our daughter went to Wal Mart to pick up some mini dog biscuits and a few new toys. (Can a new baby ever have too many toys?) Coco Beans tagged along too. I was holding her most of the time and it was fascinating to me how many people came right over to oooh and awwhh over her, ask her name, and pet her. I expected this with moms and children, but it happened with teenage boys, older couples, and men who looked like they worked construction. The cutest conquest was a young couple who's outward appearance would most likely scare a police officer: spiked blue hair, black lipstick, and piercings in facial places that looked painful. This cute couple made the same goo goo sounds when they approached as the construction guy, and Coco Beans gave them the same unconditional puppy love as she had the little girl in the Hello Kitty dress. It was a touching interchange.

Unconditional love. The sweetness of that little fur ball went right past the outward appearance and straight to the heart. It showed me that no matter what walls and facades we put up, we all have soft little hearts that want to love and be loved.

Perhaps we should all carry around puppies.


Cheri J. Crane said...

What an adorable puppy! And I agree, unconditional love is wonderful. Too bad the world isn't filled with it all the time. Someday it will be, though. ;)

Lynn Gardner said...

Precious puppy. Precious insights! Thanks Gale. You gave me fodder for much thought.

Jennie said...

Cute puppy, but I'm glad he's yours not mine. I love my son's huge elephant that masquerades as a dog, and I grew up with dogs I loved, but I've no desire to ever have one again.