Friday, July 29, 2011


The Reader's Digest featured a quote I've pondered, and I'm sure it will be food for thought for quite some time. Author Fran Lebowitz said, "The best kind of fame is a writer's fame. Just enough to get a good table at a restaurant and not enough for someone to interrupt you while you're eating."
Do you ever dream about fame? My dreams have never encompassed anything like that at all, but maybe that's because I'm not currently from New York and having lived there for two years, though we enjoyed it immensely, it is not a place that I envision myself ever living long enough to need a good table at any restaurant.
What kind of fame do you dream about? Not in my wildest dreams do I ever imagine I could make the New York Times Bestseller List, but it would be nice. Now about being chosen as Oprah's pick of the month? I could handle that. I think it would be fun to go on national TV and explain why I've chosen to write novels that have no four letter words, no graphic sex and no gratuitous violence.
However, because I have chosen to write that way, I know with certainty that Oprah interview will never happen. Still, when I have nothing better to do (driving that 15 hour stretch of Interstate 15 from California to Idaho Falls) I could daydream that some wonderful producer would decided it was time to revert to the glamour days of movies when Ross Hunter produced all those lavish Doris Day movies) and would see the beauty of my settings and find my characters irresistible.
If we give up dreaming, do we give up trying? I don't think so. But it never hurts to keep dreaming because one day those dreams just might come true. If I write enough -- If I become a good enough writer -- if I never quit trying to improve --well, I believe in miracles. And maybe I wouldn't mind being interrupted while I was eating dinner in some fancy New York restaurant after an interview with Oprah.

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