Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter's Faith

I love Easter with all the promises that it brings - especially that promise of the possibility of Eternal Life. The bright, beautiful flowers are so welcome after the winter gray. Warm spring breezes feel incredible on your face as you hold it up to the sun to be warmed after winter's icy winds. But the greatest thing of all about Easter is the glorious promise our Savior gave us when he left the tomb on the third day and overcame death. He rose; so can we.

I love this poem. It really says it well.

"I did not follow Jesus up the hill
Or see three crosses standing side by side.
I only read...'the crowd stood strangely still
To watch the Savior being crucified.'

I did not walk with Mary to the tomb
Upon that glorious morn so long ago.
I did not see the angel in the gloom
Or meet the gardener whom they did not know.

Although I did not see the wonders wrought,
Spring has returned throughout these many years.
I see salvation which He dearly bought
In every leaf and flower which appears.

Just as I know that spring shall always be...
I know Christ walked on earth, and died for me.
How can I repay Him? What gift will I give?
My tribute will be the type of life I live!"
By Marian L. Moore

Happy Easter to all!

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