Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With a Song in my Heart

Recently two members of this group blogged about music.  I always feel a little left out when people talk about music, yet even though I'm partially tone deaf music has had an impact on my life.  Since most music is just noise to me, I have a deep appreciation for a long ago choir and band director who helped me learn to listen.  He discovered that by the time I've listened carefully about seventeen times to a piece of music, I can actually detect or hear the variations that make that piece of music unique.  

Because I've been active in the Church most of my life, hymns are what I've heard the most and as I've carefully listened and followed the words I've gained a testimony of the messages behind the melodies.  I rarely need to glance at a hymn book while singing the most often sung songs since I've worked so hard to learn to "hear" them I've memorized the words. Along with my attempts to hear the music, the words have taken on special meaning.  Consequently the songs I know best often come to mind at unexpected moments, enhancing special times in my life.  

One song which I've heard numerous times at funerals as well as during church meetings, I've come to associate with hope and life.  "How Great Thou Art" was sung in sacrament meeting the day before my cancer surgery and I heard the words repeated in my mind many times during my treatment and recovery. Even now the words "then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee" fill me with joy and deep gratitude as I thank Him for my life and hope for the world to come. 

"There is Sunshine in my Soul today" I associate with my oldest daughter's wedding and many beautiful, bright days.  I think it must have been a favorite hymn of my childhood ward chorister because we sang it a lot when I was a child and I don't hear it as much now. 

Two of my daughters used to frequently play "Come Thou Fount of every Blessing" on the piano, then when my cousin came from Alaska to stay with us for two months while her husband was undergoing treatment at Huntsman Cancer Hospital, she played that song to begin every Sabbath day.  Each time I hear it my mind is filled with pleasant days when as children my cousins and I ran and played together and the love filled days when my own children were young and growing. 

Lately another hymn makes a frequent appearance in my heart and mind.  At odd moments as I serve in the Oquirrh Mountain temple, I hear "I walked Today Where Jesus Walked."  It brings a lump to my throat each time.

I'm well aware I don't hear music the same way others do, but I'm grateful for the music I have learned to hear and the lyrics that have touched my heart.  I'll never win any Name that Tune games and I probably won't ever appreciate many rock or pop tunes.  I'll probably continue to avoid violins, jazz, and soprano soloists, but in my own way I, too, have a deep love for music.


Writers said...

Music helps me cope with everyday living. I love your personalization.
Best Wishes,
Margaret Turley

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your comments Jennie.You put into words many of the feelings I also have about music. I truly is such a great part of our lives.I also love what a wonderful teaching tool it is too.
Its funny you mentioned"How Great Thou Art", as I was thinking about that song a couple days ago, and how beautiful it is. Thanks!