Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't get too close; I might bite!

Okay, so I'm a grouch today.  I've been snarling at political pollsters who keep calling, complaining about my uncomfortable office chair, and seriously considering jumping to the last chapter of the tedious book I'm reading.  I'm on edge waiting for my doctor to call with the results of all the tests run yesterday and I'm exasperated to be home an unscheduled day and not feel like doing any of the million and one projects waiting for me to get around to them.  I'm not really sick; I just hurt with a massive stomach ache and cramps in my back.  I just want to know what's going on, get it fixed, and get on with life.

I've never had a surplus of patience and this little setback proves I haven't changed any in the years since my father used to say, "Hold your horses, show a little patience." 

I've been taught patience is a virtue, but that's a concept easier to accept when all is running smoothly than on a day when I seem to be running into brick walls.  Today's world is one of quick answers, immediate gratification, and instant information. Once modern conveniences such as microwave ovens and computers terrified me and I didn't understand all the hurry.  Now I wait impatiently for the microwave to ding and fume when the computer is slow to load.  Intellectually I still question why everything is a big rush, then go right back to tapping my foot and wanting something or someone to move a little faster.

Over the years I've learned impatience can be costly.  People get hurt when they give into impulse. Disappointment is the result of allowing impatience to push a writer into submitting a manuscript before it's ready or rush a relationship that needs time to grow and trust to form. A lot of life is missed by rushing around and skipping over the quieter aspects of life.

It's quite possible I'll never master the art of patience.  It's not likely I'll ever be among those who never murmur or complain either. Surely there must be some virtue too, in those of us who rush head long into each task, who want to see goals met and tasks completed, and yes, do some yelling when life isn't fair.

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Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Love this, and love you!!