Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Pages

June 28, 2012
Morning pages. theree pages of thoughts spewed out without editing. Its difficult for me to do morning pages because I'm big on editing and I mean BIG! I want to stop and fix and finess each word, each sentence, each paragraph. Stream of conscious that's what morning pages are suppose to be flowing ongoing spewing out all the garbage that is gumming up your mind and creativity. So, where do I go from here?

I learned to do morning pages from a young couple years ago who introduced me to a book called "The Artist's Way." A book about creativity and how to unblock years of cretive blocks and allow creativity to flow. It's an awesome process. So, on with the pages. I am worried about getting my book finished on time for my dead line. Is it sluggish is it boring is it overwritten? I love the subject matter, but can i do it justice? On we go. I'll keep a positive attitude today--that this will be as excellent a day as yesterday. I accomplished a lot yesterday and hope the creativity keeps flowing.

Creativity is a cat which can not be controlled. no sitting on command, or fetching a ball. Sometimes you can get a cat to play with the help of a cat toy, but most of the time its allusive. Such it is with creativity. So, on we go with morning pages not worrying about grammar, spelling or  punctuation just writing. Getting the words down on paper. Words, thoughts, feelings. No worries about the form and structure. It's not a novel its just morning pages. Three pages of stuff.

I feel better.

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