Thursday, June 13, 2013

Christmas in June

I'm thinking about Christmas this morning. Sorry. I'm not trying to rush the holiday forward, it's just that I have some good news about the season that I'd like to share.

Several years ago I wrote a Christmas story entitled, Christmas for a Dollar. It was first done as a pamphlet book and then turned into a children's picture book. It centers around my dad, his siblings, and my Grandpa William, (tenderly known as Willy Bear). This particular Christmas 1931, came during the Great Depression when things were tough and money was spent only on needful items. Several years before this Christmas, my Grandmother Mary Margaret had passed away and my dad, Norman, had contracted polio. His legs were impacted and his left arm was completely crippled. The story tells of the gifts of kindness and service the family shared on very little money. The gift my dad made for his little sister is a remarkable expression of love and sacrifice. I don't want to give the story away, because I'm excited to announce that in November 2013, Christmas for a Dollar will be coming out as a movie! It will definitely be out in DVD form, and may also be a movie for television. In magical Christmas dreams it may even hit the big screen. I'm not usually into promoting my work, but I'm very excited about this project. Since it's about my family, and a very tender topic, I suppose I can be forgiven.

The trailer for the film just came out (hence Christmas in June). If you'd like to view the trailer, just go to youtube videos, and type in Christmas for a Dollar. Enjoy!

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Lynn Gardner said...

Truly loved the book. Now can't wait to love the movie! Congratulations! This is incredible news!