Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lovin' Life!

This has to be my very favorite time of year! Wonderful Thanksgiving Day with kids and grand kids here and more good food than we could possibly eat. Time to just sit and visit and catch up. No TV. Of course the grand kids were on their devices, but that left the grownup to contemplate the past year, dream and plan for the future and just generally talk about what was on our minds. My son even convinced his youngest that we should do a little family history - though he didn't call it that. (He is aware of our advancing age and he wants the kids to know more about our history and what we've done in our lives so if we die next year, they will have something to remember besides Gramma always in the kitchen.) So they asked about what countries we've traveled to and which ones we liked best. In past years they have asked what airplanes Grandpa flew, and what cars he's had through the years(a lot!!) Now that holiday is over, I'm about finished with Christmas shopping - hooray for on line shopping and wish lists!! I'm sure my mail lady would much rather I buy at the store and carry them home myself instead of her having to deliver them to my mailbox, but I'm happy to stay out of the stores and do it the easy way. I've pulled out my Christmas music for piano and organ, sorted through some Christmas albums to put in the car so I can have Christmas music at the push of a button, and am making menus and gathering recipes for when another set of my kids come from South Dakota for Christmas! That will be a joyous time! We don't get to see them that often any more. Then two more families will join us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - so we'll get to see all but our Louisiana daughter and her girls. Next on the agenda is putting up the tree. Can't wait!! We'd do it today except I have something else to do this afternoon. After the tree goes up, the nativity sets get soon as I get them back from the creche festival next weekend. We have a fake tree but hubby cuts greenery from our shrubs so the house smells of pine and juniper. Sparkling lights both sooth and excite me. Christmas music does the same. Watching the kids open their presents is a joy. Then we all have to decide what our gift to the Christ child will be next year. I need to start thinking about that now so I'll have the best possible gift to give Him who has given His all for me. I love Christmas because it helps me remember fully and completely how blessed I am because of His love, humility and obedience. There is so much to anticipate in the next four week! I can't wait!

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