Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanks, dear Lord for all the blessings of life that have shaped me--the outrageously beautiful and the seriously painful. Thanks for the poignant messages that have come to me through sunrises and sunsets, through good people and bad, through funny experiences that made me laugh so hard my sides ached for day, and for the stunningly difficult challenges that have opened my heart to compassion. Thanks for my family members who are most times so wonderful that I cry with joy, and sometimes so pig-headed that I weep with frustration. Thanks for my friends who accept me with all my foibles. Thanks for the times I worked hard for very little money. Thanks for the times I worked hard raising my kids and never received a paycheck. Thanks for giving me a spirit that doesn't see success in terms of money, power, or prestige. Thanks for giving me the ability to make amends when I've messed up, and to accept apologies from others. Thanks for dogs, the many colors of green, and snowflakes. Thanks for you, dear Lord. Without your love, teachings, and Atonement I wouldn't appreciate the wonders of this life, or have the hope of the wondrous eternal life to come. So, thanks.

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Lynn Gardner said...

Amen to every word! Beautifully stated!