Sunday, December 29, 2013

A New Year!

I haven't made New Year's Resolutions this year. Last year I read an article about a person who instead of resolutions decided she would make a list of things she wanted to do. I did that and of the 10 things/places I had on my list, I think I accomplished all but 8. We have the biggest Buddha in America just under a 2 hour drive from our home and I'd love to see it. It's been on the list for three years now. Maybe this will be the happy year! But today in Sacrament Meeting, a member of the stake presidency talked about hope and change and how that related to this time of year when we're thinking "new" and "change" and becoming better. He reflected what we've heard in general conference for the last few years...we don't have to set big major goals. They are too easily lost in the every day shuffle of life. But if every day we try to be just a little better...just say our prayers a little bit better; listen a little more carefully to promptings; reach out to someone who needs help. Just little things. Nothing earth shakingly huge. I can do that. I can even set a goal to call someone every day or send a note of encouragement or to say hello to someone I know may be hurting. I like that. A gift of service everyday. We have 11 missionaries we write to - a grandson, several grand-nephews and missionaries from our ward. I think that would count as a gift of service to write, especially if I tuck a few dollars in for lunch on the day member dinners fell through. Right now I'm quietly contemplating the blessings of the last week filled with family, fun, food and lots of chaos and laughter and music. As we opened a present on Christmas Eve, we all had to tell of a special Christmas memory, or our worst or best Christmas. This coming year, I hope to make a lot of very happy memories. I'm even thinking of keeping a special service journal to record what fun I had helping others. It might be a great reminder that there are many, many ways to serve. And that is my gift to my Savior this year: a gift of service all year long.

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