Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love my nativities!

My daughter is posting, one per day, her Christmas ornaments that she collects from countries she visits and has her friends guess which country they are from. It has been fun as we've had history, geography, cultural and ethnic discussions on each one. I didn't get a new nativity set this last year - the first 'barren' year I've had for a long time. Both my traveling kids were in Myanmar for business but apparently were too busy to look for a nativity set for me. Can't fault them for doing what they were there for! But I found one myself! We met my sister from Michigan and her husband and a couple of cousins who are wintering in Palm Springs at the Mission Inn in Riverside for lunch and as the guys sat in the sunshine and visited, we girls wandered through a delightful antique shop. And there it was in all its velvet and gold glory! I was going to post a picture on facebook for my friends who have seen my foreign ones at the Creche Festival, then decided maybe I'd just post a few each day before I got to this last special one. I really love collecting nativity sets as I am fascinated by the different ways different cultures portray the birth of the Savior. There is probably not a medium that isn't represented at the Creche Festival including a nativity set made of Twinkies! There are some made from coal, beeswax, and every other thing you can think of! My newest one is nothing like my own vision - or yours, I'm sure - of the birth of the Son of God as we know he was born in very humble circumstances. But knowing that He is the King of Kings, and had He been born in a palace, there is the possibility that the figures represented would have been clothed in rich velvets trimmed with gold. Here are a few some from Africa, one from Tahiti, a Bedouin tribe from Jordan, a beaded one from Zululand, and a clay one from Brazil. Hope they turn out!

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