Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get involved!

Politically I am a Republican--a conservative Republican. I believe that our Constitutional form of government affords people the greatest amount of freedom, and that free enterprise creates the strongest economy which allows each individual the opportunity for upward mobility. I have come to this decision based on test and measure procedures. I've tested which political systems work and which do not.

I am also a writer of historical fiction, and several of my books deal with the effects of Communism in Russia and China. After hundreds of hours of research into the systems, the political philosophy, the implementation, and the devastating effects on people's lives, I find Communism a system which does not work.

To preserve our inspired Constitution for ourselves and our posterity we need to wake up and be involved in our communities, and in the political process. Presently, we are in a critical time in our country and being silent is no longer an option.

I'm a Mormon, and recently the leaders of my church sent out a reminder to Latter-day Saints concerning our responsibility as citizens. They never tell us how to vote, but they do want us to be well informed and involved.

The following note was sent to members via the Ensign magazine, February 2014.

"As members of the Church, we have been encouraged by the Lord and His servants to be an influence for good in our communities. Rather than simply accept the perils of our day, we are to make a positive difference in the world. This, in part, is what it means to be the "salt of the earth" and the yeast tat leavens the whole loaf (see Matthew 5:13; 13:33).

We can be such an influence as we become well informed about current events and join in community discussions and decision making. There are many resources available to help us: local and nation periodicals, school and council meeting, trusted online news sources, and community forums."

I belong to a group of conservative women called The United Women's Forum of Utah. We have chapters throughout the state. Look into groups such as this, that can keep you informed, and get involved!

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