Monday, February 24, 2014

The post that disappeared!

Last Friday was my turn to blog so I finally made the time on Saturday and wrote a nice long post about how one small thing leads to another quite big thing. I wanted to post a picture of the results of our Valentine's Day lunch that had a two day consequence but I needed to let the bookshelves dry after painting them before I could take the picture. I saved the post, thinking as soon as I had the room put back together, I would post the picture with the blog.

This morning when I came in to post the picture - after the shelves were sufficiently dry to put books back on them, the post was gone. There used to be a place where drafts were stored. I can't find it. If anyone can find the draft of my post, I'd be so happy! Otherwise, I'll have to rewrite it so you can understand why this picture is a really big thing!

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