Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Fortunate Life

One birthday, about twenty years ago, a friend from Australia sent me a book entitled "A Fortunate Life." It was written as a memoir and as I read into the first, second, an third chapters I wondered why the publishing company let that title slip through, because the author's life was anything but fortunate. He would overcome one trial or obstacle, only to encounter another that was waiting in the wings. Several times I set the book aside in frustration, only to pick it up again to see how the man shouldered his burdens and moved ahead. And, he not only moved ahead, but did so with lightness and gratitude, saying, "Mine is a most fortunate life."

By the end of the book the fortunate life was evident. The determination, positive outlook, and kindness he'd built into his character over the years made him a person to admire and emulate.

I can't remember the author's name because the book is gone and my reading of it was twenty years ago, but I do remember his life outlook. In fact, the story came back to me yesterday as I was grumbling about some little irritant that was ruining my day. I paused, looked up at the mountains with their Autumn colors of burnt orange and yellow, and took a breath. "Mine is a most fortunate life," I said loudly, and a most wondrous thing heart was changed from grumbling to gratitude.

Amazing grace.


Cheri J. Crane said...

Awesome post, Gale. =)And a good reminder to focus on the positive.

Jennie said...

I second what Cheri said.