Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My New Christmas Tradition

First, I’m going to admit that I’m not a big fan of holidays. I’m not going to try to analyze or explain why. It’s just how it is. Part of it comes from being single, although I expect plenty of people in families feel the same but participate for the sake family members.

But I made a discovery today. I learned about a tradition that I can get excited about. If you go to npr.org, you’ll find a list of Christmas books and a radio program where a family was interviewed about how they use Christmas books as part of their holiday tradition. The box of Christmas books comes out only in December of every year and so it’s a special event for the family (kind of like Lynn’s nativities—which I could get excited about--thanks for sharing, Lynn).

So I just ordered several copies of “Santa’s Youth” which sounds like a fun story about Santa’s “career path” to his current job—apparently he started with cleaning chimneys, did a stint at the zoo, and ultimately found his calling as a gift giver. I have two nieces with young families and a brother who still has some children at home he can read to. Plus I’ll keep one book for my own personal Christmas collection. And if you can believe it, I’m already excited about next Christmas.


Jennie said...

I have a basket of children's Christmas books parked in my living room. I usually add a new Christmas book or two each year for my grandchildren to read and play with when they come over in December. I'm also a firm believer in books as Christmas gifts from novels to cookbooks and everything inbetween.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

Val - that sounds like such a great book. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes its hard to find the "spirit" during the holidays. Books and music are by far the best way!

Cheri J. Crane said...

Books are wonderful Christmas gifts. And I like the idea you shared about Christmas books as a Christmas tradition. Great blog. =)