Monday, December 1, 2008

Thoughts to Remember in "These Difficult Economic Times"

First, congrats! You've just saved $188,000! If you and your spouse are choosing to stay married, it can save you roughly $53,000 to $188,000 (that's for couples with at least one child). That's what the stats tells us. So go out and treat yourself to a movie or box of chocolates or gym membership, if that's your pleasure and think of all the money your saving.

Likewise, another big savings is NOT participating in the "Twelve Days of Christmas." I mean, the original one, not the copycat versions you do for your neighbors. According to PNC’s Christmas Price Index, there are 364 items mentioned in the song, and the total price tag would be $78,100 to buy them all, from the partridge in a pear tree to the lords, milkmaids, and drummers, up 4 percent from $75,122 last year.

Remember, this includes those necessary reappearances of the items from days one to eleven up to day twelve. If you only bought each item in the song just once it would cost $19,507 (up from last year's price tag of $18,921). For those who shop online, plan on paying more for convenient shopping--$128,886 unless you just bought each item once, which would be $31,249.

Part of that comes from higher hourly rates for the lords, milkmaids, and drummers, but we’re also seeing the effects of higher food costs. Those six geese a-laying went from last year’s $300 to $360. And those five gold rings, up 21.5 percent, now costing $395 (last year they were only $325). On the bright side, that partridge is still only $15, the two turtle doves are still $40 as are three French hens.

But when it comes to the seven swans a-swimming, that’s going to run you $4,200. And for the nine ladies dancing, you might try hiring a high school drill team. They’re sure to be happy to perform at much less than the ladies’ $4,759 command performance. So when you go do your Christmas shopping, those of you who still have some to do, pass on the aisle with the swans.You can get nine French hens for under $400.

All this great info taken from an article by Dan Nephin, Associated Press. (But hopefully sufficiently rewritten.)


Jennie said...

Great info, Val. In addition to financial savings, I figure staying married saves on a lot of aggravation. I wouldn't wish today's dating scene on an enemy, besides I'm way too tired to start over with all that angst--or retraining a new hubby. Besides I'm perfectly satisfied with the one I've got. As for the twelve days things, I'll settle for the Young Women's usual version.

Cheri J. Crane said...

And to think I was pondering participation in the "Twelve Days of Christmas." Never mind. ;)Two turtle doves have been entertaining us this past spring\summer. I haven't seen them since our first snow storm, so they've probably moved on to a warmer climate. Perhaps I should follow their wise example.

Julie Wright said...

I'm with Jennie on all counts. I'll just stay married and forego the twelve days. Think of all that money I saved!