Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Friends

I just came back from a short "getaway" with an old friend who has a standing invitation out to me (and no doubt other friends) to come stay, get fed and pampered, and just relax. Nancy and I were roommates while I was at BYU working on my masters. Up to that point I'd had maybe 60 roommates (I'd been in school a LONG time--plus I include here about 10 mission companions). How can anyone have so many roommates, you ask. I lived in houses and apartments with up to 5 roommates at times and moved every year or so, so those roommates tend to add up. Nancy was my last roommate, except for my mom and brother, and in fact, it was because both of our moms got sick and moved in with us about the same time that I finally moved (her mom had my mom terrorized--my mom was a sweet soul and Nancy's mom about the word "curmudgeon"?).

We both cared for our moms until their respective deaths and then we both got divorced brothers for roommates. And now, after a few years with brothers, she has two more housemates (homeless guys invited by her brother) and I have my brother and his wife (who sadly lost their home when my brother lost his job). Round-the-clock houseguests do tend to take a certain toll, as many of my friends here on the VFormation no doubt realize since I expect they've had their share of houseguests.

Nancy and I also share a lot of cats and animals. When we were roommates she had the sweetest little Toto-dog named Sophie, an amazing dog. When Sophie died Nancy knew she could never have another dog like Sophie, so she gradually adopted stray cats who saw that psychic sign over her house--nice lady here feeds animals.

And feeds guests. Nancy is one of these people who love to cook for people and make them feel welcome and loved. Summer holidays you can plan on barbecue, winter holidays--well, today I learned that by missing her Christmas and New Year's dinner I missed some fabulous prime rib and au jus.

Of course, it's not just about the food. It's about friendship. And about having someone looking out for you, knowing your needs and wanting to help make your life just a little easier.

Friends. God bless them.

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Jeri Gilchrist said...

There's this quote that I love that says something like, "Angels exist but they don't always have wings. That's why we call them friends." Nancy sounds like one of those "angel friends" I'm grateful to say I have a few of those myself. :) Where would we be without them?