Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two bags and a Poem

by Anna Jones Buttimore

I have a shelf in my wardrobe which holds two bags. I always love reaching to this shelf, because it means that I am in for a treat and some wonderful relaxation and joy. Both bags are packed so that I can grab one and run when the opportunity arises.

The bigger bag is my gym holdall. I actually enjoy going to the gym, not because I am a super-fit type (I'm about 3 stone overweight, for one thing) but because I enjoy spending the "me" time listening to my favourite music (Heavy Metal) while challenging myself to run that little bit further, cycle that little bit faster, lift that little bit heavier, or stay in the Spa that little bit longer. (That last one is usually a breeze.)

The second bag is my Temple Tote. I waited a long time to get to the Temple, not because I wasn't worthy but because of my family situation. It has made me very aware of what a privilege and honour it is to be able to do sacred Temple work. I'm lucky enough to live only an hour from the London England Temple, and I enjoy my monthly visits. I can almost feel the tension drain from my shoulders as I walk through the doors. I find a Temple session even more relaxing than an hour in the Spa.

During those long years of longing to go to the Temple and being unable to do so, I wrote a poem. Since Cheri shared her poem with us yesterday I thought it appropriate to share this - perhaps this will turn into "poetry week" on the blog. I can't claim to be the poet Cheri is, but this does put into words my feelings about the Temple. Which is impressive really, since when I wrote it I had only been to the Preston Temple Open House. The last line in each stanza is a promise given to me in my patriarchal blessing regarding my feelings about Temple work.

As yet, I haven't written a poem about how much I enjoy going to the gym...

Within Holy Walls

I cast my troubles to the floor
As I pass through the golden door;
Forgetting every trial and fear
For there is only comfort here.
Wearing white, and within clean
My spirit soaring, my heart serene,
I here rejoice in all I do.
“And this shall be a joy to you.”

Silence sweet around me falls.
My quiet feet the saviour calls
And to his side I hasty tread.
Arms open wide, he offers bread
Of life, and hungry I partake,
One among those blessed who make
Covenants and promises true.
“And this shall be a joy to you.”

Humbly in this sacred place
Where heaven and earth in joy embrace
I serve dear ones that we may be
United in eternity.
My father’s house, this Temple pure
Is where I find His blessings sure
And where I feel His love anew.
“And this shall be a joy to you.”


Cheri J. Crane said...

It's a beautiful poem, Anna. And I agree, the temple is indeed a peaceful sanctuary. There are days I wish I could live within those sacred walls.

Jeri Gilchrist said...

I LOVED your poem, Anna. It brought tears to my eyes. Especially the last line of each verse. I always enjoys your posts. Thank you for sharing.

I too love the Temple. I know exactly what you mean about leaving all our cares at the door and feeling such peace as we enter inside. There is such a wonderful feeling there.