Monday, June 14, 2010

Que Sera, Sera

So it's my turn to compose a post today. Normally, I would attempt this effort in the morning, but my life is a little crazy right now. My mother moved to nearby Montpelier about a week ago. This was in preparation for my youngest sister's wedding that took place this past weekend. (My mother was living with my sister, and opted to not live with the newlyweds.) All went well with the adventures mentioned. Everyone is adjusting and life is moving forward. This morning, I had to be in Montpelier at 8:00 a.m. to pick my mother up from her new apartment.

My mother's apartment is very nice, and newly remodeled, but there's a glitch. The apartment located above Mom's leaked---something about a problem with the new dishwasher that had been installed. As a result, construction workers were supposed to come by this morning to fix the wall that was damaged. Guess who didn't show up today. ;) Yep, the construction workers. So after we killed the morning running errands, my mother finally decided to return to her apartment to rest. She gave up on the construction workers. We know they'll surface eventually, but evidently we're not part of the "need-to-know" crowd. Neither is the apartment manager and she wasn't very thrilled about that. So none of us know when these people will surface. It will be a surprise. =D

Isn't that the way? Is it me, or does life seem rather erratic lately? In our realm we've experienced the phenomenon of one adventure after another taking place for what seems like years. That pace is accelerating. You would think I'd be in better shape, all things considered. I get my exercise just trying to keep up with everything. And I'm not, but I'm pretending, and hopefully that will count for something. ;)

One lesson I'm gleaning from all of this is to be flexible. Life is not turning out like any of us envisioned and we're learning to be sports about that. There are some good changes taking place, and some that are not so good. Some items make one want to sit down on the floor and throw a nice temper tantrum, like today. Mom's doctor phoned in a much-needed blood pressure prescription into the wrong pharmacy---one located down in Utah. And here we are in Idaho, wondering why the silly prescription wasn't getting filled. We eventually worked it all out, but it took a couple of frustrating hours to get everyone on board with what needed to happen.

Someday, we may look back on everything that is currently taking place and grin. We probably won't laugh, because some of this really isn't very funny . . . at all . . . But on the other hand, the sun is shining today, something that hasn't happened in our realm for nearly 2 solid weeks. This is really great. So what am I doing typing a blog post on my laptop? I should be outside sunbathing in preparation for the summer. ;)

To sum this up, some days all we can do is to take things minute by minute, do the best we can, and let the rest of it go. I'm learning that I can't be all things to all people all the time. (Yes, this confession will cause lifted eyebrows for some of my friends.)

So while we didn't accomplish everything on our list of things to do today, we did fix those items that were the most important (like Mom's blood pressure prescription). We'll eventually get the bugs worked out of everything else. For now, it's enough to know that we're doing our best--- and it's time to enjoy the sun.

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