Thursday, May 19, 2011


We all have heroes in our lives and I have my fair share: friends who have taken on selfless responsibilities, family who have come through sickness and accidents with courage, nieces and nephews in the military who stand tall to keep this country safe. Today I want to acknowledge my nephew Dale who is a military fellow and also a good man.

Dale just rode in the 2011 Police Unity Tour last week which began in Virginia and ended in Washington DC at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall. There were 1,400 bike riders, each riding in behalf of a fallen police officer. The trek was 250 miles long.

Dale sent us a letter after the experience and I would like to share some of his words with you.

"Although the ride was hard and long, and I pushed my body like it has not been pushed for years, this was nothing compared to what the survivors of fallen officers have given up. It was this part of the week that was the hardest. I will share one story of the honor we had to escort the survivors and seat them while they watched a ceremony that engraved their loved ones name in granite for one last time. There was a 7 year old boy that got off of the bus, you could tell he was now the man of the house and was trying very hard to be strong in this position. As he got off the bus he was handed a teddy bear and his mom was given a rose. Then, on an arm of a police officer escorted to her seat. About 30 seconds after they disappeared from sight the little boy came running back down the walk looking for the bus and crying, 'I want my daddy back. I can't do this.' It is for this reason I will participate in this noble cause next year and every year till I am unable to ride a bike. God bless America, and all the men and women serving in Law Enforcement and in the military protecting our country and its citizens."


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Lynn Gardner said...

What an incredible thing to do. He is my hero, too, along with all those in law enforcement who constantly put their lives on the line for us. Thanks for sharing.