Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look on the Bright Side

It's been a cold dreary winter followed by a cold dreary spring. There have been too many days of overcast sky, and too many days of snow, sleet, slush, or rain. There have been near accidents sliding on icy roads. There have been strained backs from shoveling. Now we have the potential for floods as the snow pack melts and comes racing down the mountainside as an H2O gusher.

Wait! Snow melting? That means it's getting warmer because there's more sunlight! That's a good thing. And I guess I should remember to be grateful because we'll have plenty of H2O to see us through the summer. And April showers bring May flowers. I just love flowers. Maybe all this extra sunlight is taking away my cabin fever. I think I'll go dust off my bicycle and take a spin around the block. Exercising feels great. Isn't life wonderful?

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