Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random thoughts about Storyteller's conference

I've never been to the conference before. This was my first experience and I have to say, I was totally impressed! I've attended numerous conferences in the years since I began writing seriously, and I've attended even more all day seminars hosted by famous writers or instructors. One very expensive seminar I had to leave because I simply could not abide the presenter's language. Every other word was one of those four letter words that make you cringe. I was in Los Angeles, but I wasn't on the docks!

I was not surprised at the high caliber of presenters. I really had expected they would be well qualified, but I was delighted at the amount of good information I came away with. One presenter was a pacer - that nearly drove me crazy - but his information was so good I eventually was able to just keep my head down writing all his instructions and not watch him. Great suggestions for my current work in progress.

I literally filled half a stenographer's notebook with all the great information to make my newest book really good. Of course, now I have to go in and fill in back story and back in more conflict, motivation and goals on the part of every character! But I'm excited to have so much more expertize now on how to do it.

People all around me were typing furiously capturing every word on their computers. Unfortunately, I walked out of my house without my computer - sitting right by the door - as well as all my conference materials. Fortunately, I was able to buy another copy of Larry Brooks book so I could finish reading it Friday night before my class on Saturday.

Confession here: I don't think I knew how to write a book. I told a good story, but what I learned in Larry Brooks class and from his book is so phenomenal that I can't believe I was ever published without knowing this. That one class (and the book that goes into it in much greater detail) was worth the 800 mile drive from California, the expense of the hotel and conference, and the drive back through hours of blizzard from Meadow to St. George.

I also learned what an editor is for. I really enjoyed Kirk's class because he taught me things that were totally foreign to me in my experience in publishing. Can't wait to submit this book when it is finished and enjoy some of those good experiences.

A wonderful by-product of the conference was getting to see old friends and make new ones and meet people I know well on line but have never met face to face. And I even renewed a couple of old acquaintances. All in all, it was a great experience and I'm ready to sign up for next year. I will do things a little differently now that I know how things work, but I'll definitely be back next year. And I'll pass the word that this is one of the best conferences going.

The planning and organization and effort that went into the conference and the Whitney Gala and Wards was evident in how well things ran. My congratulations and standing applause to all involved. It was great!


Anna Buttimore said...

Sounds absolutely fantastic, and now I am really feeling that I need to go to one of these things somehow, somewhen. I need to take those classes and learn how to write a book!

Stephanie Black said...

It was so good to see you at the conference, Lynn! I absolutely love the Storymakers conference--it's a highlight of my year.

Lisa said...

Had to miss the conference because I was aboard the USNS Comfort in Peru. I loved all your comments though. I plan to check out Larry Brooks book because of your blog.And I'm looking forward to next year.