Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hawaiian Island Miracle

I went to the Church History Library the other day to do research for my next book of historical fiction. The story line will concern one of the first Polynesian converts from the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Needing information, I approached one of the librarians at the front desk. I knew I would have to fill out forms to get permission to see the 1850 missionary diary of Elder George Q. Cannon, and wanted help with that process. The librarian asked me why I needed to see the diary, (understandably they're very protective of precious 160 year-old manuscripts) and I told him I was an author and my novel concerned Elder Cannon's mission in the Hawaiian Islands. The diary's pages would hold the story of one of the first Polynesian converts from the islands.

At that moment, another of the behind-the-counter-librarians said, "Are you going to write about Jonathon Napela?" Taken aback, I affirmed that I was. I asked how he knew the little-known name of Brother Napela, and this good man proceeded to tell me that he lived on the island of Molokai, and had ventured away from his home a month earlier to serve a mission for the LDS church. The island of Molokai is where Jonathon Napela and his wife are buried. I was stunned. I have had strong connections with the islands since living in Honolulu when I was a teenager. In all my years of associations, I have never met anyone from Molokai.

I told him I would be going to the islands for research, and Molokai would be one of my stops. Smiling one of those warm Hawaiian smiles, this generous man then said, "Oh, I have a daughter there who would love to show you around, and my house is vacant while I'm on my mission, so you are welcome to stay there while you're researching!"

The world might call this amazing meeting serendipity, coincidence, chance. I call it a miracle. It confirms to my soul the nearness of a loving Father who is just a whisper away.


Cheri J. Crane said...

What a remarkable meeting. I have no doubt it was meant to be. =) Too many things have happened like that in my own life to ever call those incidents coincidence. We are truly watched over and helped in so many ways, especially when we're working on something that will touch lives in a positive way.

Jennie said...

What an exciting project you have undertaken. I think you're getting some help from the other side already.