Monday, October 3, 2011

Star Valley Temple

I think I'm still in shock over the announcement that was made during the Saturday morning LDS Conference session. I was listening closely to President Monson as my husband and I were traveling to spend the weekend with loved ones in Utah. I smiled over each new temple site that was mentioned. In my opinion, our prophet saved the best news for last: a temple is to be built in Star Valley, Wyoming!!!

Star Valley has been like a second home for me since childhood. My mother grew up in Star Valley, which is only about 45 miles away from my current home. I spent many summers staying with my grandparents in this magical place. My mother has often commented through the years that returning to Star Valley is like recharging one's internal batteries. I totally agree. This beautiful area is such a peaceful place, surrounded by forest laden mountains, beautiful lakes and streams, and filled with down-to-earth people who work hard and play hard.

When I heard the news, I called my mother, who was doing the dance of joy in her living room. She had been listening to this same conference session and was so excited. She had never envisioned an LDS Temple in her former stomping grounds. She can hardly wait to attend the future dedication for this soon-to-be wonder.

Very soon after I talked to my mother about this news, I called my daughter-in -law, who also happens to hail from Star Valley. She was just as excited as my mother and I were over this announcement. She had just talked to her mother, who still lives in the area and told me that her mother was so happy she was crying over the news.

The closest temple to the Star Valley region lies in Idaho Falls, Idaho. That is where all of the temple ordinances have taken place for my mother's side of the family tree. To know that one will now be built in the Star Valley region is a dream come true, and the first temple to be built in the wonderful state of Wyoming!

Star Valley is part of the 7 stake region in our current neck of the woods. So for my husband and I, having a temple in Star Valley will be a wonderful thing. The closest temple for us lies in Logan, Utah, which is approximately 70 miles away. As I mentioned earlier, this new temple will be about 45 miles away, cutting the distance traveled by those in our area.

I will probably be doing the dance of joy started by my mother for quite some time. It still doesn't seem real, and probably won't until we see the spires of this future edifice. =) What a wonderful time we live in, despite all of the challenges! These new temples that are being built will affect many lives for the better. Numerous blessings will take place as a result of these inspired decisions--truly a sign that we are loved and watched over in more ways than any of us can imagine!


Anna Buttimore said...

I have a friend in Wyoming and got all excited about this on her behalf. So I went onto Google maps to see how near it would be to her. Six hours away! (She's in Laramie.) In other words, the Paris Temple is nearer to us than she is to the new Temple in her own state. I still get boggled by just how big America is.

Kerry Blair said...

Oh, Anna, such a good point! I've often lamented how "far" the Mesa Temple is from us at two hours. The Glendale (Phoenix) Temple now under construction will be about 45 minutes closer -- which still seems too distant. We are SO dang spoiled. :)

On the other hand, YOU are apparently less than six hours from PARIS. (Considerably less from LONDON!) My gosh! That boggles my mind...

Congrats on the new temple, Cheri!

Cheri J. Crane said...

I think of all of the saints throughout the world who travel hours, and sometimes, days, to reach a temple, and I agree with Kerry, we are spoiled. But I'm still way excited over the Star Valley Temple. So much good will come of this! ;)

Gale Sears said...

Temples will dot the earth. Yeah! Amen!