Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Wishes

It's my hubby's birthday today.

Happy Birthday, dear one!

We've been together for quite a few years--quite a few, and I'm grateful for his steadfast goodness. When people are married for a length of time greater than twenty years, they've had a chance to experience many of life's conundrums, challenges, wonders, and slippery slopes. So it is with us. We've been through raising kids, burnt dinners, awesome vacations, and hanging wallpaper. We've had the opportunity to view each other in our best dress for church, and our grubbiest outfits as we laid sod together. We've stood by each other at the hospital, and laughed ourselves breathless when our toddler pulled the Christmas tree over on herself. We've worked our way through fierce disagreements and angry feelings. With all the joys and struggles, we've grown individually and as a couple. I can truly say that, even after thirty plus plus plus years together, I still look across the breakfast table at my very best friend.

Again, a Very Merry Birthday to you, companion!

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