Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking Things Through

Have you ever made a decision about something, only to look back a day or two later, wishing you'd given the idea a second thought? Perhaps you decided to purchase a dress that you were sure would make you look like Twiggy, but actually made you look like Miss Piggy; maybe it was the set of dishware that turned out NOT to be microwave safe; or the sweet little kitten that clawed your clothes, furniture, and your children.
Yesterday was such a day of decision for me, and although I'm not regretting the choices, I am feeling the effects of not thinking things through.
The day began normally with sitting for hours doing research for my next book. Around 11 am my body was crying out for movement. "Relax," I told it. "I have an appointment scheduled with the chiropractor at 3 o'clock. You'll feel much better after that." But, my body continued complaining, so I took it to the gym for a half hour work-out. Normally, that would not be an egregious activity, but I forgot that I hadn't been to the gym for 8 months. For the moment though, my body was happy. Then came my 3 pm chiropractic appointment. Sometimes I teasingly call my doctor, The Punisher, especially if he spends time pressing on very painful pressure points and getting a reluctant spine back in alignment. After this adjustment I was calling him, Mega Punisher! And, not only did he adjust my yowling body, but he also did acupuncture--and let me tell you some of those pins (especially the one in my forehead), felt like a hat pin!
I crawled to the car and dragged my body home. When I stumbled in the front door, my unaware hubby said, "Hey, the Spa called while you were gone. Did you forget that you'd scheduled a Lymphatic Massage at 7 pm?"
I had forgotten. I couldn't cancel. I had to go.
Have you ever had a Lymphatic Massage? It's an amazing procedure, but very draining...pun intended. At 8:30 pm I was sitting in my car, in the Spa parking lot, trying unsuccessfully to get my key into the starter, and wondering if my legs would be able to walk me into the house when I got home. If I got home--my eyesight was kinda bleary.
Well, obviously I made it, because here I am, the morning after, slumped at my computer, and writing a blog about my adventure. I'm sore, drained, and much the wiser. Don't get me wrong, I love all the activities in which I time though, I will think things through and only do one at a time.

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